Numbers, numbers, numbers!

Hello 4a fans!

This week we have been focussing a lot on numbers! We have spent a lot of time thinking about our number system and have learnt about Roman Numerals and The Ancient Greek number system. Did you know they used symbols and letters rather than numbers? We thought this was very interesting and wanted to know more! We all worked really hard and spent a lot of time thinking about the differences between the number systems and because we developed our understanding, we were all able to create our own number systems!! Some of us drew funny little pictures and others adapted the Ancient Greek number system and used letters to represent numbers.

As well as learning about different number systems, on Wednesday we learnt about the Hindu religion by spending the whole day studying Navratri. This is a 9 day festival that is celebrated in the honour of Goddess Durga. We had lots of fun in the afternoon, engaging in different arty activities with our class mates and parents.

We have finished working with the book Belonging in English and have began to create a text map for a persuasive piece of writing. If you don’t know what this is, just ask us!

There were also lots of happy faces in assembly on Monday. Do you know why? 5 of us received our Bronze merit certificates! Are you proud of us?

We have also done a lot of singing this week and will be continuing this next week too! Please don’t moan at us if we are singing lots at home. It is for Raise the Roof and we NEED to be AMAZING!