Notification of Lockdown Practice

Dear Parents/Carers,

Lockdown Practice

On Monday 16th July we will be having our first Lockdown practice in school. This is similar to a fire drill but involves all the adults and children being kept safely inside the building in a dangerous situation. This could include a fire in a local area causing heavy smoke, a chemical leak or in extreme circumstances dangerous animals or people on site.

As with fire drills a lockdown practice is something we are now required to do at least twice a year so over time the children will become used to it.

We wanted to share the information of the first one with you so you are all aware of what is going on and no-one is alarmed.

The process will be explained to the children beforehand so they understand what is happening.

In future, lockdown practices will be unannounced.

If you wish to discuss this with us please contact us at school.

Yours sincerely,

Marie Berry