New term starts for 1a

Dutch words Dutch words food sorting TFW1 tfw2 tfw3 TFW4Welcome everyone to 1a.  There have been a few changes over the summer.  Firstly 27 lovely new Year 1 faces and also a new teacher!.  Mrs Berry has joined Year 1 after 4 years teaching in Year 6.  We have Mrs Britt, longstanding in Year 1 to help us all settle in.  Miss Shears and Mrs Hasham will also be working with us in class this year.  Mr Buhryn, is also working in our class, getting to know us all before taking over as class teacher in Decemebr when Mrs Berry goes off to (in the words of Anthony) baby sit the baby!!

These first 3 weeks have been FANTASTIC!!!!  We have been learning about Holland.  In Holland they speak Dutch and we have learnt a few Dutch words.  We also found out about a famous artist, Vincent Van Gough who painted the Sunflowers.  We made our own Dutch flags and windmills too.

Our first week on curriculum has been fun too.  Our new topic Food glorious food has started with us learning about the story of the Enormous tunip.  We have been acting the story and leaning the lines with actions.  We have been learning about food and where it comes from.  In 1a, we have been making portraits out of fruit in the style of Archimboldo.  Next week we are going on a farm trip so we’ll look forward to telling you all about it then.