Merry Christmas & A happy New year

This is our last blog for 2015!

Our last week of school was lots of fun. We made Christmas cards by printing with our fingers. It was easier than the printing we did for our WW2 propaganda posters where we had to think about having the writing backwards!

We finished writing our Christmas mystery stories. Mrs Paddon was very impressed with our stories.


Here is Reece’s Christmas mystery story for you to enjoy:


Archie was the luckiest boy alive. He lived in Christmas Street where it was Christmas all year round. Archie was a small boy with big black glasses. Sometimes he was very loud. In Christmas Street, there were houses, toy shops, decorated Charismas trees, a turkey factory and a hotel which had an indoor play area and a swimming pool. As you walked down the street, you could smell mince pies and roasting turkey. Loud bangs were coming from the toy factories as they made toys for the children.

However, windows were being smashed at night by snowballs! There was a trail of ice down the street. Nobody knew who it was.

Archie was in his bed playing his PS4 when there was a loud smash. Archie leaped up in the air frightened and looked at his window. There was a big hole. Broken glass was all over his bed and on top was a hard snowball. Archie felt cross so he decided to find out who it was.

Archie got a torch and went outside. He saw the trail of ice and followed it. His heart was beating fast. Suddenly, the trail had stopped so Archie hid behind a bush and waited. After a while, a giant snowman appeared carrying a bag of snowballs. Archie jumped out of the bush with his torch.

“Stop!” shouted Archie. “If you don’t stop smashing windows I will melt you.”

“I won’t stop smashing windows,” said the snowman.

 Archie shined the torch at the snowman and he began to melt. The snowman couldn’t move. Archie had to wait a while for the snowman to disappear. After that, he went home to bed and Christmas Street was safe.


This week we also had a Christmas lunch…with crackers. Our class Christmas party followed which was great fun. We danced, played games and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Here are some photos:

IMG_3327[1] IMG_3302[1]





HAPPY NEW YEAR   from 3b.