Melbourne Here We Come!

On Tuesday 8th July, 5a travelled by coach to Bristol to visit Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s famous ship, the “ss Great Britain”. What a fabulous day we had, with an opportunity to open our minds to the past.

We learned about the different decks, first-class and steerage, and Chloe and Joe (AKA Rose and Jack!) re-enacted the flying scene from Titanic – aahh!

When we visited the dry dock we were stunned by the sheer size of the propeller and rudder; they were colossal! It was very hot down there and Miss Lutner liked the fact that there was water above us, making us feel as thiugh we were under the sea.

There were lots of wax-work dummies around the ship which Theo thought were creepy, but they were realistic. The best one was Violet, the lovely piano player, who Mrs. Charles thought was a dummy until she moved! There was a dressing-up area in the museum and that was very enjoyable – we looked the part in our Victorian clothes.

We thoroughly enjoyed our day and hope to go back with our families as the project officer said they would send us some tickets!     More from us very soon.


all the hatsDress up Taylorcheerswhich dummydry dockjack and Rosepropellerwhich dummy