Measuring Madness!

DSCF1878 DSCF1882 DSCF1889This week in 5b we have been learning how to measure length. We have been learning about cm, mm and m. We were set a challenge to measure the trim-trail to see if we could fit 4 pieces of equipment into the year 5/6 courtyard. We had to work well in teams and use the tape measure accurately. Once we had collected the measurements we had to design a new playground.

In Literacy we have been writing poetry based on The Hidden People from Wolf Brother. We described The Hidden People as:

‘Monsters of the river’ (Julia)

‘Mythical creatures’ (Ruth)

‘Deadly souls waiting for their next victim’ (Corey)

This morning we watched a roadshow about E-Safety. We learnt that we need to keep ourselves safe on the internet. We could do this by showing inappropriate messages to a trusted adult, keep passwords private and always rememebr to log off.

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday’s open afternoon for lots of lovely arts and crafts.