Measure Madness!

‘Measure Madness’ overcome us on Wednesday afternoon! We had several investigations where we were measuring. There were containers, that we had to measure and record their capacity, and there were length and mass activities. It was fun! Here are some pictures:


Also in maths, we have been identifying and adding coins. We are getting quite good with money.

In Science, we went outside to investigate the best place for children to stand to hear the whistle at playtimes. We all planned the investigation together and then used it to make some decisions about what affects sound travelling.

In spellings we have been using suffixes -teen, -ty, and -th and practising spelling lots of numbers.

We started English this week by completing a challenge that Mrs Paddon set us to improve our writing from the week before. We wrote about anything that we wanted but we had to used descriptive language. Also this week, we wrote about our favourite part of A Midsummer Night’s Dream and had to include direct speech, descriptive language and fronted subordinate clauses! We have been doing lots of learning on how to improve sentence starters.

We won the PE trophy! Yippee!

Open morning was brilliant. We did activities like: solving a maths challenge to see who the mystery egg smasher was, made baskets to put nest cakes into, made Easter cards, made stain glass windows and pointillism art work.

We all hope you have a lovely Easter Break. We’ll be back after the holiday!