Maths to Science in a flash!

During a maths lesson Sean made a connection. We had been looking at capacity with two jars of water. In the lesson we had also been exploring more and less with a problem to share some sweets equally between two children.

Sean said “I know we can put the sweet in the water and it will change colour”. We asked Sean to show us what he meant. So he went and put a chocolate sweet into the water. Immediately the children started to make predictions about what they thought was going to happen to the sweet. 

“The chocolate will melt and change into chocolate water” said Lacey.

“It will turn pink” said Vilte.

“Make it go loads of colours and go big and big (chocolate sweet)” said Harlee.

“It will turn into ice” said Grace.

We then decided to put another sweet (a love heart) into some water to see what would happen.

“It will mush up” said Vinny.

“It will lose its fizz” said Dominik.

“It will turn the water into a colour” said Emily.

“It will go into pieces” said William. 

I asked the children how long shall we put the sweet in the water for? 

Joy said “overnight”.

Suddenly a science experiment was happening! 

We are excited to see what will happen in the morning!

To be continued….