Making Connections

This week the children have been making amazing connections in their learning.  The teachers have been busy observing some wondeful learning.

Kaiden made a sight word ‘I’ with the bricks.


Alfie, Gabriel, Jayden and Darren-Junior were having a conversation about measuring and decided to see who was the tallest and shortest.

“I’m taller than Jayden” said Alfie.  “I am bigger” said Darren, “I am shorter” said Jayden, “I am the biggest” said Gabriel.


The children have been really interested in the block area making very interesting models.  Zaivia built a house “I even put a bed in it” he said.


Jake wrote the sight word ‘to’ in the shaving foam.



Bray made a “Buzz Light Year cake”.



The children have been also making bridges in their self-sustained activities.  They were given different materials and had to find different ways to make a bridge and then test it to see if it was strong and would not break.  The children demonstrated fabulous problem-solving skills.

Kaitlyn and Grace made a “rope” using the zoobs and used only blue and green colours.  They made it “long” so it could go outside.  Kaitlyn counted how many zoobs long it was.  She predicted that 19 woul be in the middle and Grace predicted that 24 woul be at the end of the rope.  Very clever mathematicians.


See you next week for more learning installments from the wonderful Penguin class!!