Little Chefs!

We have been very busy learning about food and healthy eating. Our cooking skills are improving and we carefully cut and chopped fruit to make fruit salad. Some fruit was easy to cut but the oranges were really tricky.

After that we learned about boiling and mixing when we made pasta salad. We chopped vegetables, cut sausage and mixed it all together with mayonnaise. In literacy we wrote instuctions for pasta salad.

100_3676 100_3680 100_3690 100_3695

In numeracy we have been learning about 2d and 3d shapes. We know how to describe them using mathematical language. We made some 3d shapes using 2d cut outs.


This week we learned all about Navratri. It is a Hindu festival. Kaden was great at sharing his knowledge with us. We made Golu dolls, mendhi hands and rangoli patterns.

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