Light and Dark

Hello everyone!

What a busy term we are having in Penguins at the moment!

This week the children have been busy learning about symmetry and 2D shapes in maths.  We have been learning new letter sounds and names in phonics.  Then on Friday we had children in need and a visit from a REAL owl, how exciiting!!

The children loved dressing up in their pyjamas and playing Pudsey bear games and dances.  We also discussed what charity meant and why we raise money for children in need..  Oscar said ” You know the children in Africa that have no toys, well I am going to give them some of my old toys”.


Then to top off a great week we had a visit from Rosie and Lloyd (Maisy’s Granny and Grandad).  They brought in ‘Yohannah’ the Tawny Owl.  We had lot’s of questions to ask them that we had thought about in group time earlier that day.  We wanted to know things like ‘what do Owl’s eat?’ and ‘Where do Owls go at night?’. ‘How long are their wings?’.  Come and see our topic board ‘Light and Dark’ to find out the answers to our questions and find out more inetresting owl facts and see our work.  It linked really well to the story we have been reading ‘Owl Babies’ and the children made lots of connections.  We even saw the Owl being fed a live mouse !!

P1020247 P1020249


Please remember to bring your child’s reading books every day and to bring in your WOW slips!! see you next week