Laughing is good for you.

This week in 4a we have spent a lot of time laughing! This has been helped by a lovely visitor; Sarah. She came in to teach us all about laughter yoga and we spent a whole session laughing! We thought it was brilliant and want to do this more often in and out of the classroom. Here is a photograph of us laughing with one another!

As well as laughing we have been learning. We have looked at Mr Matthew’s way of solving word problems which involved basic algebra; A & FA. Please ask us about it if you would like to know more as we are masters at it now! We have also looked at writing in role and have written diary entries as Hogarth; he is a character from our new book, The Iron Man. Did you know the Iron Man’s head was shaped like a dustbin and as big as a bedroom? Here we are all sitting in the Iron Man’s head. Crazy hey!

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We held our own general election on Thursday, to tie in with the real general election. None of the parties reached a majority so we had time to talk and decide on a coalition. Unfortunately, Rhiannon (Labour) and Leah (Conservatives) were unlucky and the Hospital and Old People Party joined forces and have chosen to work together!

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Have a nice weekend 4a fans!