Krindlekrax is tamed!

We’ve finished reading Krindlekrax and are very happy to report that Ruskin managed to tame Krindlekrax; Lizard street is safe! Although our initial predictions about the text were incorrect, as we read, we did think everything would work out so that Ruskin could be the hero. We really enjoyed the story. This week, we have created our own street, Christmas street, where our mystery stories are going to be set. We painted a street plan after discussing what kind of things would be in a street where Christmas happened all year long. We have started writing our mysteries and will finish next week.



Last week, we read the Jolly Christmas Postman and, during open morning, we made decorations for the hall which included a gingerbread man. Here are some photos of open morning.


Thank you to the parents that were able to join us. We thought the hall looked lovely when we saw all of the decorations up on Tuesday morning.

We have a reading challenge, called Bookopoly, and some of us have managed to get houses on some of the streets. The challenge is helping us choose books that we might not normally read and it’s great fun!

We had the chance to watch 2 performances this week and we are starting to feel very Christmassy.