BPS – Pupil Premium 2015 Awards Winners!
Bournville Primary School is an OUTSTANDING School!


We have been reading a story about Krindlekrax who is a mysterious monster who lives in the sewers underneath Lizard Street.  Also it is our Power of Reading book.  There’s cracks in the roads in Lizard Street which have been caused by Krindlekrax.  Ruskin ( the main character) has a dad who is called Winston and he is a coward!  We made models of Lizard Street.  We made Ruskin’s house, Ruskin’s school, Mrs Walnut’s shop, the cinema and the pub.  We have also made the streets and sewers where Krindlekrax lurks.

Ruth thinks it is a very mysterious book full of twists and turns just like the sewers!

Paris liked building the models.

Krindlekrax is making Jessica very interested in life in the sewers.

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