Kelloggs SATs Contribution

Bournville Primary School received free breakfasts for all their children taking SATs exams this week, after food company Kellogg’s donated the cereal to the school’s breakfast club.

We are one of 300 schools from across the country to receive a week of free breakfasts to ensure year six children get the best start to the day at exam time.

According to Kellogg’s research last year* one in ten children undertook their National Curriculum tests, known as SATs, without having breakfast, blaming nerves.

It’s especially important during SATs week that children start the day with breakfast in a safe and supportive environment so they can perform as well as possible in their exams.

The donated cereal will help our breakfast club open its doors, for free, to all year six students so they aren’t going into their exams hungry and unable to concentrate.

According to Kellogg’s research **, 38 per cent of teachers surveyed said they saw children arriving at school hungry every day. The survey also revealed 75 per cent of teachers said hunger and thirst made children in their class more lethargic, and 62 per cent claimed it made them unable to learn.

Kellogg’s has been supporting school breakfast clubs for 17 years and is committed to donating cereal and snacks to families in need through breakfast clubs, foodbanks, and community projects.

* This survey with 500 children was commissioned by Kellogg’s and carried out by OnePoll in April 2014.

** Based on a YouGov survey of 873 teachers in England and Wales. All figures, unless otherwise stated, are from YouGov Plc. Total sample size was 873 teachers. Fieldwork was undertaken between 11-23 December 2014. The survey was carried out online.