Jam-Packed Week

This week, during the autumn equinox, we took part in our Harvest Festival. We enjoyed the songs – especially The Harvest Samba and loved looking at the rainbow of colours on our produce table. Megan, who is new with us this week, thought it was lovely to see so many parents there. Thank you for coming and for donating so generously!
We have continued with literacy by creating some persuasive posters to entice people to Abdul Kazam’s magic show – Mrs. Charles is very impressed with our work and our powers of persuasion.
We have also re-vamped our reading corner as it was a bit dull and we now have better books in it. Mrs. Charles and Mrs. Board are impressed with the number of us that are members of libraries – Thomas is a member of three!! – and how often we read at home! Good work 5a.
We look forward to enjoying more hard work next week. Have a good weekend.