It’s nearly ready….

Good news!  The writing and preparation stage of the opera process is now complete.  We know what the sets will be like and the music is all composed.  We even know everything about the main characters!  .  Watch out for mysterious items appearing around the school to advertise the opera.  Exciting stuff!

We have posted a range of pictures of all the fun opera learning we have had this week.

Tyler is really excited about the opera now because it’s getting so close!

Angel enjoyed choosing the characters this week and is looking forward to seeing the actor’s advert board appearing next week in the main entrance of the school.

Ellie-Mae liked doing all the drama this week to understand the characters better.  She also enjoyed the model boxes!


SAM_3949 SAM_3951 SAM_3954 SAM_3958 SAM_3960 SAM_3984 SAM_3987 SAM_4000 SAM_4008 SAM_4012