It’s exhausting just reading all about it!

Since our successful Museum, 5A have continued being very busy.

At the end of our mini Ancient Greek project, six year 5 and 6 children were invited to Demetri’s restaurant. Everyone had a wonderful time and ate a lovely meal. Yannis did not stop grinning or eating all night – he even ate more than Mr Howell!

Since then we have been very sporty. We took part in sponsored circuit training with Para-Olympian Ben Rushgrove and played wheelchair basketball. We have also begun our new topic which is called Chopping and Changing, and have been investigating the six wives of King Henry VIII. We have been challenged to research and write some books about these wives and most of us are now at the point of publishing our writing. This research has been to prepare for our new book Treason which is set in Tudor times. We are all already excited about visiting one of King Henry’s old homes; Hampton Court.

Yesterday fourteen Year 5 children visited Waterstones bookshop for a Harry Potter themed morning. Everybody dressed up for this occasion and had a great time.