It’s Christmas!!

4a would like to wish you all a VERY merry Christmas. We hope you have a wonderful time and we look forward to seeing you all in 2016.

We did continue working very hard in the last week of term and ALL produced our very own Christmas mystery stories. Please take the time to read the stories created by two of our class members.

The Treat of the Santa Storm

One day in 2650 (the year) there lived a young boy named Jesse. Jesse lived on Christmas Street which always snowed! Jesse had black, bushy hair and turquoise eyes. He was very tall and he was only 16. Infact, he was taller than his 19 year old brother! Jesse looked out of his window and saw a snowball fly up into the air and disappear into the clouds. Then more and more went up. Then they combined together and created a mini snow or Santa storm! “What is that?” Jesse yelled. It created mini heads that looked exactly like Santa.

The storm got bigger and larger. Jesse rushed downstairs and hid under the creaky table. He came back out and peered out of the damp window. White, clear lasers shot out of the Santa storm’s eyes. Not only did the body get bigger but the heads did as well. Every piece of white, massive snow that fell got abducted onto the Santa storm. “But Christmas Street is the largest street in Christmas country!” said Max, Jesse’s brother. “Anyway, there’s no such thing!” The white beams spread across Christmas Street and pulled terrified people towards it. People even went in the snowy air and in it’s mouth!

Bits of houses started attaching to the Santa storm. “Hooowwwwwl!” Jesse leapt to the door and opened it. Jesse’s dog, Casper, was in one of the abduction beams. Another big beam shot in and pulled poor Jesse as well. Max came down a few steps and saw Jesse being pulled out of the door, so Max shot downstairs and helped Jesse. The front door was gone. The Santa storm had eaten Casper. “Noooo!” Jesse and Max yelled. “I am so sorry, I did not see him,” said Max (twice).

“I’m going out there.” said Jesse politely. “You can’t, it’s too dangerous.” But, he was too late. Jesse was already out there. Jesse arrived under the large, flying storm. Santa storm! “It’s about time you…” Jesse was interrupted by the roaring Santa storm. Vehicles were also being pulled by the fearsome abduction beams and one hit Jesse into the air and into a beam.

“Aaargh!” yelled Jesse. “Jesse!” yelled Max. “I told you you could die!” he said again, running after him. He was too late AGAIN. Jesse was gone in seconds. Jesse found himself in the body of the Santa storm. “Everyone is alive. The Santa storm didn’t kill them,” Jesse whispered to himself. “There’s the block. If I destroy it there’ll be no threat.” So, Jesse went over and started kicking it. Craaaack! The block started cracking and the Santa storm started rooooaaaarrrring and blowing apart it’s snowy skin. BOOM! Everyone fell to the ground, even Jesse. “Max!” yelled Jesse. “Jesse!” yelled Max.

By Bradley. 


The return of the evil robo-Santa 2000

Greg is a nice, friendly boy who loves the colour blue. He lives in a bright, snowy street name Christmas Street, which is Christmas all year round. He wears a blue jumper, which has a snowman picture on, blue, lace up sneekers and blue tracksuit bottoms which had two more pictures of snowmen on. Christmas Street is also a nice, friendly place. It has a read and white striped pud, called The Candy Cane, twenty nine sparkly houses in the shapes of Christmas presents, a decorative, colourful school named p.s Christmas School, a frosty Christmas tree and a local shop. But, deep down in the earth’s crust for as long as anyone can remember, layed a small workshop. Inside were three machines. One made tiny but kind of long explosives, the second machine made 3d candy cane nets which were wrapped around the explosives and the third machine tightened the bombs. And who would be behind this nasty plot but the evil robo-Santa 2000 and his two evil sidekicks, evil robo-eleves 200’s. Their intimidating plot was on Christmas Eve in a Santa sleigh. They would bomb Christmas Street. “Mar ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!” shouted the evil robo-Santa 2000 and his evil sidekicks, their evil laughs bouncing around the worrying workshop. “We’ll show them! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!”

Greg was at school, in a reading session. Everyone was reading a diary of a man who lived one hundred and fifty years ago. Greg had just finished reading when he found a few loose pages. “Ow. Not more boring information.” groaned Greg. Very soon he was silent. Greg was in shock. “Earth to Greg. Earth to Greg. I think he’s in shock.” said Greg’s best friend, James, to the rest of the class. Greg had just read how the man died and it wasn’t any old death. It was from three robots. An evil robo-Santa 2000 and two evil elves 200. That was the last lesson so Greg ran like the wind to house number twenty nine, his house, to think about where the robot’s base could be so he asked his dad if he could go outside for a while. “Of course! But put on your coat.” replied his dad.

Greg uncovered some snow and then some more snow. “At last!” he exclaimed. There was a small door with a metal handle. Greg opened it. He saw a ladder which went downwards for miles and a box of grenades with a note pinned onto it saying: Only in emergencies. 

Greg looked down and shook with fear. He grasped the grenades tightly and started to climb down, shivering with fear. He had found lots of valuable elements but didn’t stop to collect them. He knew he didn’t have any time. Greg had to save the world before this murderer strikes again. Very soon after, Greg heard an evil laugh and looked down, holding onto the ladder with only one hand. This time he saw a very bright, yellow light. Courageously, Greg let go. He landed with a crash! In front of him stood three machines and three robots. “How dare you find my secret lair! Get ’em boys!” ordered the evil robo-Santa 2000 rudely. Greg opened the box and noticed there were only three grenades in it. Wishing himself luck, Greg pulled out two and threw them; they scored a direct hit in front of the two evil sidekicks. BOOM went the grenades and all that was left of the robo-elves 200 was two piles of wires and metallic scrap. “How dare you kill my evil sidekicks!” bellowed the evil robo-Santa 2000 as he pulled out a machine gun. “Now, you will die horribly, mwahahahahahaha…!” But as he was laughing, Greg threw the last grenade and scored another direct hit in front of the evil robo-Santa 2000. BOOM went the grenade. Then Greg hit the deactivate button and climbed as the workshop blew up. Acid clouds went up the ladder but Greg had got up the Christmas Street by then and from then on he was an all time hero.

By Mykee.

Merry Christmas!!!!!