It’s Bad!

This week, Echo Opera Company decided on a theme for the opera.  We chose ‘Bad’ as our theme.  We came up with things we were thrilled about, angry and things which we wanted to change. Things on our list included evil, monsters, mean people and unkind words.  These were things which mattered to us and our opera will be about this theme.  We also tried out the muscial insturments.  We will now tell you more about them:

Jess enjoyed playing with the rain shaker.

Paris played one of the hardest instruments in the orchestra- the triangle!  Don’t laugh it’s actually true!  The triangle is very hard to get right.

Gypsy was one of the first people to play the brand new xylophone in the school!

We have started Christmas activities today and are looking forward to seeing it all up in the hall.


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