It’s all about the challenge!

Hello Penguin and Seal followers 

It has been a busy week! 

We started the week celebrating Guy Fawkes by having a firework party which involved tasting hotdogs and watching sparklers. We followed the Firework Code and listened to Fireman Sam giving us top safety tips. 

img_0251 img_0253

The children have been enjoying engaging in a numicon challenges this week. The challenge was to fill their numicon board with the plates so there were no gaps or overlaps. Lots of the children were very excited to compete this and have their photo taken for their learning diary. Next week the challenge continues but will be more difficult with filling their board with only certain numicon plates.

img_0168 img_0169

We have enjoyed all the parents/carers joining us for phonics all last week, thanks for coming and we hope you found it useful. We hope you enjoy learning with your child at home using your sounds fun bags! 

The children have been fantastic and so eager to practise their phonics. They have been pretending to be the teacher using the sound bag and having a go at writing the letters. 

img_0158 img_0159

We are now going to be live with our learning diaries ! 

Please check your emails so you can log in and see your child’s wonderful learning! 

Any problems please come and see us.