It’s all about independent learning !!

Hello Penguin followers

We have been very busy challenging ourselves to be independent learners. Mrs Cherry introduced us to daily 5. Every day we have to try and read all by ourselves for as long as possible, not moving from our spaces. Our teacher then records how long we read each day. So far we have reached 4mins! It’s harder than you think as we have to manage distractions and build up our reading stamina. Keep posted to see if we can beat our time. I am sure we will! 

Other problems we have been looking at have been to use only odd numicon plates to fill a board, which is quite a tricky task!

Harry and Austin managed to complete it together !

The children have been learning about halving and sharing in maths. We have also been looking at the book ‘100 hundred hungry ants’ and exploring the 100 square. 

We are still busy story writing and telling. We have been enjoying the story of ‘The little Red Hen’ and have been using the puppets to retell our own stories in the puppet theatre. 

Stay posted and see you soon!