Welcome to the new 4B!  We have had a first two weeks topic all about Holland.  We built dikes and drew windmills. We wrote stories set in Holland and we have done a lot of handwriting!  This afternoon we made collages of the windmills in Holland and in the background we put canals and dikes in!


We have found out that Mr Tucker is musical.  He does a lot of singing and clapping games (don’t copy this one!).  Also Mr Tucker is very funny.

Here are are our comments on being in 4B:


Archie thinks it is spectacular!

Callum says being in Year 4 is really fun.

Debbie believes Year 4 is great.


We have named our levels of challenge this year after curries!  We have mild work, spicy work and hot work, hence the title of this blog post.

Hopefully nect week we will have photos of us hard at work!