Hi, from the super stompers!

We have been really busy over the last 2 weeks but our performance is now done! We were fantastic elephants ( or super stompers), colourful parrots and, of course, we had a great wolf mum and Baloo.

We have been busy in maths doing word problems and using mathematical reasoning.

     ‘Mrs Paddon is a tricker!’ exclaimed Liam.  

For our maths challenge, we had a riddle that we needed to solve using our multiplication skills. However, at the end, the answer could have been one!

Mrs Paddon’s response is, “Well next time, read the question carefully!”

In English, we have started creating a brochure to sell Stig’s cave. We need to use persuasive language or no one will buy it.

Mrs Paddon put on a song, I Like to Move It, Move It, and we had a little dance! It is the title of our science topic. We talked to our partners about how we could move something and why it didn’t move unless there was a force applied. Then we planned a fair test.

In circle time this week, we talked about whether ‘sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me’ was true. We all said something horrible to an apple and then something nice to a different apple. When we looked inside, the apple we were mean to was brown and hurt. We decided that saying nasty things can hurt people even though you can’t see the hurt.

Last week we had sports day which was a lot of fun. At the start of this week we had the summer fair. Also this week, we had move up day where we went to spend some time with our new teacher. There is only 8 more days of being year 3’s!

Here are a few photos of us during Man’s Red Fire.

IMG_0971 IMG_0976