Her Majesty The Queen -happy birthday

We had a lovely day today celebrating The Queen’s birthday. We dressed in red, white and blue, ate cucumber sandwiches and made crowns which we wore to a special assembly. Don’t we look lovely….

IMG_4055 (2)

We also started the week with a very special day learning about Poland and also having some of our pupils explain to us about taking their first Holy Communion. Here is Julia looking fantastic in a traditional Polish outfit:


In addition to all the celebrations, we have been writing number sentences for arrays. We will eventually be learning a formal written method for multiplication. we have started our new text which is Stig of the Dump. We have looked at house advertisements to find some persuasive language as we will be trying to sell Stig’s cave. We have done lots of singing of Jungle Book songs … its a Bare Necessity in year 3 & 4! In science, we have carried out investigations using ice. Photos of us in action:

DSCF3014[1] DSCF3015[1] DSCF3021[1] DSCF3022[1] DSCF3026[1] DSCF3027[1] DSCF3028[2]

Do you know how to pick up an ice cube with a piece of cotton? We do!