Hello Holland – Can You Hear Us?

We have had such a busy two weeks back at school! We have done maths, literacy, art, ICT, geography, started a new class book – “The History Keepers – The Storm Begins” and entertained each other with a Readers’ Theatre¬† event!

As we have a twin school near Nijmagen in Holland, we have been researching facts about the country and yesterday we managed to Skype them! It was very funny at first because they didn’t have the mic turned on – they could hear us but we couldn’t hear them at all! We learned that they are the same as us really, they enjoy the same pastimes and we have similar tastes in music and sport. We shall speak to them again soon.

We have done lots of Dutch crafting, such as making origami tulips, creating our own Delft – style tiles, making creative Dutch flags and making clogs out of clay! We also painted in the style of Vincent Van Gogh!

The best news this week was that we won not only the sporting trophy but the lunchtime star award!! Mrs. Charles and Mrs. Board are so proud of us and we are aiming for Turn Up Ted next week!

Lastly, during the Smarties Maths Challenge this week, Niall and Rhys discovered the smallest Smartie in the world! If you think you have a smaller one, please get in touch with us!!

Have a good weekend!