Hello from 4a

This week has been another busy one!

We have continued to work hard in maths and have spent our lessons looking at a new method for adding numbers together; Partition, Add, Recombine. We were all fantastic at using this method. Ask us about it, we will be happy to tell you more! We have also looked at mental addition and subtraction and realised the importance of being able to do calculations in our heads. We are all now able to add or subtract 9 from any number!

We have continued looking at Belonging in English and have worked really hard to write diary entries from a characters point of view. We even had the chance to use polishing pens when editing our work and publishing pens to show off our best handwriting. We have also worked really hard to increase our knowledge of adjectives, verbs and nouns. Can you think of an interesting verb beginning with each letter of the alphabet? We can!!

We have also shown a real talent when working with Scratch, our new programming language. This week we were all able to move the sprite using the keyboard, change the colour of the sprite and even add a different sound for each direction it moved in. Sprite is the term used for the character in scratch. Do you know any other computing terms?

Swimming was good this week! We cannot believe there are only 2 weeks left. We will be very jealous when 4b go swimming next term! As well as swimming, Miss H gave us a FANTASTIC score in PE this week. We scored an amazing 19, which was only 1 less than the highest score possible! Miss Edwards was very proud and we are sure Mr H would be if he knew about it! Miss H is our new PE teacher!! We are looking forward to getting to know her and learning more about her as the weeks go by.

Did we tell you about the trip this week? Well, this week we walked all the way to the Water Park on the seafront, then to Grove Park and then back to school! “It felt like 2 hours,” Chloe said!  We did this to gather more evidence to support our campaign! We want to save this places and stop “The Demolition Company” getting their own way! We hope you will be supporting us!!

That’s it for this week!!