Hello from 3b!


This is what we have been up to this week…..

In maths we have been looking at 2D shapes to make sure we know their names and properties. We have also become experts at spotting lines of symmetry. We will be using all of our knowledge to complete our challenge next week which is to design a sun catcher using shapes.

In English we have used drama to help us explore how characters from the book ‘Belonging’ may have felt, what they may have said to each other and what they were doing. Remember, we told you last week that there are no words so we had to use our inference skills! We used these ideas to write a diary entry as one of the characters.

Wednesday…well what a tiring day that was! We walked to the water park on the sea front and then to Grove Park. We have been visiting local areas to collect evidence of why houses shouldn’t be built there. This is due to a letter we received from ‘The Demolition Company’ who  are hoping to claim these areas for houses unless the community make a stand. After collecting evidence we have decided we will make a stand!

Here we are busy noting evidence at the water park.




We also found lots of shapes while we were there. Becca was a super shape spotter! She spotted a trapezium. We also found a 6 sided shape. Do you know that’s called? We do!

At Grove Park, we had our picnic and enjoyed playing chase with each other. We were very lucky that the sun was shining for us. (Although, there was a little rain later in the day!)

We found things at Grove Park that really convinced us that we need to keep it as a park. Rosie said it is important for people to have somewhere to go to remember loved ones that have died and we think the fragrance garden is probably very important for blind people in our community.

Even Renay, who had originally voiced a very valid reason for houses to be built, thinks Grove Park should remain a park.


Mr Silkstone started to look tired! Time for the walk back to school.