Healthy Eating Week

Hello Penguins and Seals followers

We have been learning this week all about keeping healthy!

We had a big discussion about what makes us healthy…

Dylan said “we need to clean our teeth”

Zacky said “we need to eat kiwis and pears”

Dexter said “we need to have a drink”

Mahiya said “we need to eat vegetables”

We drew all the foods that would make a healthy plate for a meal.

image  image


We made fruit kebabs and then ate them! Delicious! Earlier in the week we wrote a list of all the fruits we might need to buy.

image image image image image image image image image

We also did an exercise challenge outside where we timed each other to see how many jumps, push ups, getting in and out of a hoop we could do. We also ran until the sand went through the timer.

image image image      image

image   image

We did an activity that looked at how many sugar lumps are in different drinks including Ribena, orange juice, chocolate milk shake and Coca Cola. It was shocking !!!!! 

See you next week