Have you seen our trolls?

Hello again

This week in Seals we have been continuing with our Billy goat gruff project. The children enjoyed creating ‘Wanted’ posters for the troll last week because he had been unkind. They then wanted to make a troll so we decided to use clay so they could experience a different media.

P1040852 P1040854 P1040855 P1040856 P1040857 P1040858

“We made trolls from the billy goat gruff story, the clay was hard”, said Tygan.

“My arms fell off but then i put more water on and it was ok again”, Marley explains.

We have the trolls on display in our creative area so please pop in and take a look.


In maths we have been using Numicon to help us solve number problems. Mia says “We all had a piece and we lined up in the right place. I had a one and we stood by the children that had two”, well done team, great problem solving!


We have a weekly ‘finger gym’ challenge to help our finger control. This week Tamanna really concentrated to thread beads  vertically.


Look out for more news next week.