Harry Potter Night 2

On Thursday 4th February, Year 6 children were transformed in first year Hogwart’s students for an hour of magical fun!


Having been sorted into the Hogwart’s houses, we made our way to the Great Hall and took our places at the House tables. Then, the fun began!

Students changed their money into silver sickles and went shopping!



Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans caused much laughter! Some very bizarre flavours were detected- but they were really only jelly beans!



Each house were timed doing a scavenger hunt in the library where they searched for an assortment of magical objects including the philosopher’s stone, broomsticks and an owl.


We used quills to write in invisible ink and completed word searches. 


Excitement mounted as we came to the great quiz. When Slytherin won, the cheers were deafening! They each received a trophy to celebrate their victory!


There were so many amazing costumes that it was hard to pick a winner- so we had three!


Thank you so much to all the staff who joined us for this magical occasion!

IMG_3670 IMG_3638 IMG_3659