Happy New Us!

IMG_1608IMG_1684IMG_1646IMG_1578A happy new year to everybody and welcome back to our famous blog! We hope you had a wonderful and peaceful Christmas.

Our week back at school has started with a bang! Our science topic is all about healthy living and we started off by taking part in different exercises to check how fit we are. It started with a boot camp with Corporal Partridge where we were given orders and we had to work in teams – most of us (including Mrs. Charles) found it hard work but very enjoyable. Many thanks to Corporal Partridge for giving us his day off!! Next, we took part in a Yoga session. We thought it would be easy but it was actually hard to get into some of the positions.Now we know that Yoga helps us to become more flexible! Thanks to Guru McArdle for training us.

After lunch we learned about Aerobics, particularly about Tabata. Lily-Rose thought it was the hardest session because it made us sweat and made our hearts pound! Niall thought it was hard because it was a fast pace exercise as we changed between high and low impact. Katie agreed, saying there were lots of different moves to learn and to remember. Doctor Waldron worked us very hard but we learned a lot.

Finally, we just about had enough energy to do circuit training with Captain Mackay. Here, we checked our resting pulse and then our pulse after exercise – it was very different! Amy had difficulty finding her pulse but we are glad to report that she found it eventually. It was a tiring but informative day!

We have been looking at fractions in maths and creating our own fraction walls to work out equivalent fractions. We also had to divide a cake into 24 equal pieces to show that a fraction is part of a whole! That was tricky!

We have started our new book, “Wolf Brother” and are looking forward to reading more about Torak’s exciting adventures.

Lastly, celebration assembly was excellent for us again, as we won the lunchtime award and Turn Up Ted – twice!! For the last 2 weeks of the 2014 term! We are very proud of ourselves and we are aiming to win him more often this year.

Thank you for reading our first blog of 2015!