Happy Half Term

Hello 4a followers!

Last week we had the chance to show off our singing skills and diary writing to the whole school and lots of parents in the Year 4 class assembly! We were really proud of our singing and felt very happy when everyone clapped for us! We were even more impressed when Mr Matthews visited our classroom and asked us to perform for him and a visitor!  

Another important event happened last week … we found out our roles for the opera!!! We have some great performers and musicians as well as two wonderful make-up artists and a set designer. We are starting to get very excited about the opera and now that we all have a role and responsibility we are taking ownership and getting as involved as we can. We can’t wait for the performance and hope you all come to watch us!

This week as been a very creative one as it was Arts week. We started the week with a dance lesson from some wonderful visitors. This then led into a dance off which we didn’t win but we loved seeing the other classes dances. 8 children from our class were chosen to have another dance lesson with the visitors and now 3 of us; Jessica, Rhiannon and Tyler M, will be attending the talent competition at the Playhouse next month!


Learning the dance

We spent a lot of time during Arts week working on the opera. We played lots of games, wrote melodies to our songs using word painting, created model boxes to help the set designer and decided on a title! Here are some pictures of the week.


Can you see the bin in the corner?


Do you like our beanbag chairs?


Here we are composing the melody.


We love this game!


This song is one of our favourites!

To end the week we completed some dragon crafts. We designed dragon sock puppets on Thursday morning, made them with our parents on Thursday afternoon then had the chance to show them off in the exhibition on Friday afternoon.


Mia’s design was very detailed!


Great sock puppets.


I hope they don’t come alive!








That’s all for now 4a fans. Have a WONDERFUL half term!