Happy half term!

We have had a busy two weeks. Although they were shorter weeks we have still worked our socks off! We finished our book, Varjak Paw and spent some time thinking about skills we could be taught to use in our lives. From these skills, we wrote some interesting dreams to fit in with the dreams Varjak had in the story.

In maths we have been continuing with fractions and Miss Edwards is impressed with what we have remembered. Lets hope we don’t forget it all over the break!

We have now finished learning about the digestive system in science and to end our journey, we played a really cool game where we had to create the digestive system from instructions that a friend gave us. It took us a while to get there but we persevered and got it sorted.

Miss Edwards had a very peculiar phone call on Friday. It was the paper asking to come in and take some photographs of us, which is fine, but they said we could not have the school logo showing – strange. They suggested that we turned our jumpers round so that they were back to front – stranger. It wasn’t until 11:58am that Miss Edwards reminded us of the date; 1st April and revealed that she had actually tricked us. It was an April fools!!
image1 (3)

Finally, we want to congratulate a Rosie, Ashley and Gilbert on receiving their bronze certificates this week. Well done!

Have a lovely