Happy Easter All!

5b have had a very interesting week spending time working as journalists. We needed to gather information about local flooding on the Bournville Estate. Our flooding had been caused by the multi-million pound sea defences failing. This was a great way to finish off our topic and pull together all the new things we have learnt over the past term.

Once we had gathered our information we had to write a draft of our report and create a catchy headline. We also had to interview local people to find out their reactions to the flooding.

We finally got to the point of publishing our news reports and we learnt lots new skills using Microsoft Publisher.

Today we spent time learning about the story of Easter and understaning why it is an important celebration to many people.

Finally this afternoon we spent time watching a real life opera! It was based on Borka the Goose With No Feathers – it was funny and we really enjoyed it!

We want to wish everyone a happy Easter and remind everyone to stay safe but have lots of fun over the holidays.

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