Happy days and two school trips!




This week, we visited the London Science Museum where we saw old fashioned cars, planes, space ships and the first train called the Rocket! Logan said, “I saw the first metal plane…it was called the ‘DT3’!” There were also some old phones where you have to turn a dial to make a call! One of the best bits was a show about our digestive system… we saw the inside of a real person using a video camera. “It was gross!” exclaimed Amelia but others thought that it was really cool!



Before London, we also visited Weston College where we introduced to many different activities including the gym (rowing machine, a running machine and a bike), outside we played netball, rugby and football and in sports hall we played Seaweed and Mouse trap games. It was great fun but very tiring!   A big THANK YOU to Weston College and their amazing students!

We are please to report that we finished calculating the cost of the new fence for Mr Matthew using our measuring and knowledge of perimeters. So now he can order the fence. In Maths, we are now learning to read calendar and use time vocabulary. We all know how many weeks until our next birthday! (One was far too easy though because his birthday is today… Happy birthday Karson!)