Great Green Glorious Gardening!

Merryn from the RHS came into our classroom on Tuesday. She explained how to take care of plants and we walked around the school pond to see what sorts of plants grow there. Sophie blew the seeds from a dandelion, the seeds landed all over the place! Merryn told us that that is where the new plants will grow. Alice J. thought she could see tadpoles in the pond and Charley-Louise spotted a buttercup with both yellow and white petals!?  (see photos below) Back in the classroom we made origami seeds packets, painted plant pots and created our own garden journals.

DSCF0961 DSCF0974 DSCF0975 DSCF0982 DSCF0989 DSCF0995 DSCF0997 DSCF0999