Go Blues!

On Wednesday, we made cakes for our Muffin Maths challenge. Before we could make them, we had to adjust the recipe using our maths skills as the recipe was for 3 cakes and we needed to make 12. It was a close contest but blue table won. However, red table scored the best for our team working skills earning each of us  a Better Learning certificate in today’s assembly. Here are some pictures of us applying our maths skills.

IMG_3678[1] IMG_3680[1] IMG_3681[1]

Our measure learning journey has been extended today as we are going to help Mr Matthews calculate how  much a fence will cost to go around the building work. We know why he chose year 3s to help,

 “Well it’s because we can calculate with money and measure!” (Julia)

Lily has already started to problem solve by deciding, ” If we know how much it will cost for a fence panel and we measure to work out how many we need we can then work out the cost.”

We have started by learning what a perimeter is. Here we are measuring perimeter.

IMG_3703[1] IMG_3699[1]


More of us jumped off the diving board this week. Some of us held the instructors hand but maybe next week we won’t!

We have continued to read Varjak and we have been thinking about who is behind the vanishings. We have planned our news reports ready to write next week.

In science, we have discussed what we think we know about skeletons and muscles and what we want to find out.

We have a very busy time planned for next week so don’t forget to visit our blog again so you can read about our exciting trips.