Games week!

         When thinking about what news to share with you, we realised that we had been playing games this week to help with our learning.

In maths, we have started learning about time and we played a game where we had to move to the correct number, which was somewhere in the classroom, to answer a questions. For example, how many days in the week? We enjoyed this and wanted to keep playing! Also. we have played a version of ‘heads up’ by describing time vocabulary to our partner for them to guess the word. Before moving onto time, we finished our measuring journey by calculating how much a fence would cost for Mr Matthews. We think he came to the right place for help as we are measuring masters!

To help us remember word classes, in English we played ‘silly sentences’. We ended up with some very funny sentences! We have continued to read Varjak and are getting very near the end of the book.

Skeletons was the topic of our science this week and, after feeling our own bones and drawing what we thought they would look like, we made pasta skeletons with a partner and labelled the bones with their name.

Also this week, we have swam, enjoyed a steel drum workshop and ran for sports relief. The run was tiring but we were pleased to help raise money for a good cause.

The week before last, we were so busy that we didn’t get to share our news. We had two trips during the week. We went to Weston College for some fitness and nutrition activities and on Friday we went to the London Science Museum which was very exciting. To finish this posting, below are some pictures of our trips. We hope you can tell how much fun we had …while we were learning!