From Aliens to Vikings!

Breaking news….. the aliens are gone!

Our opera, Scientists    v    Aliens,   has been performed, the ‘get out’ (everything goes!) has happened and we finished with an after show party! We think it went really well. We are proud of what we achieved. For those of you who didn’t make a performance, here is one of our make-up artists, Lilly,  looking like the mother alien!



On Monday, we had a surprise visitor. We were, peacefully sitting in the classroom, reading our books when we heard a strange noise. The next thing, a Viking came charging into our room! He had made the noise  by blowing into a large horn. Later in the day, we all had a chance at doing it ourselves.

We spent the day in the hall with him. He had artefacts with him for us to look at. Some of us had to dress up to help retell stories. Vikings liked to tell stories around their fires. The Viking did take us outside to show us how they made fire but we didn’t try this ourselves. Here are some pictures of the day:


Barging into the classroom!

Barging into the classroom!

Learning a Viking game.  We didn't win!

Learning a Viking game.
We didn’t win!




In maths, we have looked again at angles and are pretty good now at knowing their names. We have solved maths puzzles by noting which numbers fit clues to find out ‘What number am I?’

On Tuesday morning, some of the class went off to have a go at golf. They enjoyed this. Destiny thought it was, “Really fun!”

Thursday, Lilly went off to get ready for her performance in Trust’s got Talent at the playhouse. Unfortunately, our other star dancers, Owen and Emilia were both ill and unable to go. Later, some of the class were lucky enough to go to the playhouse to be in the audience.

All in all, another very busy week!