Forest School is really cool!

Hello again

This week in Seals we have been working in the outdoor environment taking part in forest school activities. “We made sticky crowns”, recalled Taro. “We gathered grass and leaves and rocks” Morgan added.

Everyone had a marvelous time using their senses to create something beautiful from nature.

P1040913 P1040914 P1040915 P1040916

This week in Maths we have been practising doubling and halving numbers. Oscar used the IWB to double three.


In phonics we are all practising our digraphs, “That means two letters making one sound”, explains Dylan. Please help your children by continuing to practise the sounds in their book as well as reading the sight words daily. It really makes a difference to their reading confidence  when they look at these regularly.

On Wednesday we had some special guests ‘Disco Daisy’ and ‘DJ Dave’ for a Disco Babies session. We had to remember some movements and use tem in a dance. We used pom poms, tambourines and dancing teddies, what fun!

P1040940 P1040942 P1040943 P1040944 P1040974

What an exciting week! Please look out for more news next week. Thank you for reading our blog.