Food Glorious Food!

This week in 5a we had a very special guest in to teach us about the breads of the world. Rachel brought  in some mixture to make bread; it contained flour, yeast and a little bit of salt. After, Rachel poured in 125ml of water then gave each table a bag to knead for 10 minutes.When 10 minutes was up we took the bag and opened it , then we took the air out of the dough and put it in a tin.When it was cooked Mrs. Board and Mrs Charles tasted the bread.IMG_1825

Group 1 had the winning bread ! IMG_1824IMG_1822IMG_1818

In maths we learned about capacity. At the beginning of the first lesson, we knew very little. We all had to bring in bottles. Mrs Charles asked us to order the bottles from largest to smallest capacity. We estimated then checked to see if we were right. Our findings were suprising because some containers held more than we thought. After the lesson we all felt we had made good progress.




On Friday afternoon we visited the new Nursery. We were all jealous of how bright,colourful and fun it looked and we secretly wished we could be 2 years old again including Mrs Charles and Mrs Board!!


Have a good weekend and we’ll write more next week.

Blog written by Rhys and Lilly-Rose