First week back

On the first day back we went to the big hall and learnt a show called A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Some children from our class were chosen to be actors. Some of the characters names were Bottom, Demetrius, Lysander, Helena and Hermia. In the story, there was a magic flower that made people fall in love when it was squirted in their eyes.

On Friday, we went to @Bristol. When we were at @Bristol, we explored! There were two sections.

Upstairs was called Animate it and there were computers and toys that we used to make our own animations. We also drew characters from cartoons and TV shows. Also, there was a section with bubbles and Kaydi managed to get inside of a HUGE bubble. There was magnetic sand which Miss Edwards found fascinating!

Downstairs there were two big, red circles and if you spoke at one of them, you could hear it at the other. There was a big water wheel and machine that we could control. There was a little room where it showed your skeleton and you could see your own body. There was a section with different electrical activities. One of them was pumping a bike pump as fast as you could to make the arrow move.

We had a great day at @Bristol and hope the rest of this term is as fun.