Find me a river!

This week we have been finding out how to read co-ordinates. We looked at maps to find out where places are. we had to find the correct place on the grid using the letters and numbers.


Our goegraphy work has involved us finding out about rivers.

We know that rivers have freshwater that is always flowing. They have banks and a river bed. The beginning of the river is called the source. The end of the river is called the mouth and it flows into the sea.

 DSCF5869 DSCF5870

Here we are making a river in our classroom.

We won the PE trophy and the lunchtime award this week. Last week we looked after TuT.

Helping hands this week have been Jakub and Luke.

We had to find out what is fiction and what is non-fiction to help us with our information reports. We have also been finding out information about London. Next week we will be finding out about the capital city of Scotland.

Do you know what the capital city of Scotland is?