Final week of term… far

we’ve entered the final week of term 3 but this hasn’t stopped us from learning a lot so far. su

Over the course of the week we have begun to look at using non standard units of measure when measuring length. We have used items such as cubes, pens and even bears as a way of finding out how long something is. To help tie in with our topic, we decided to measure our body parts. In order to do this we needed to draw around our bodies and then measure our arms, legs or head with the non standard units. We had a lot of fun in this lesson, even if we ended up with some odd shapes for bodies. 


Monday saw the start of the Chinese New Year so we acknowledged this by reading to the story of how the animals became involved in the Chinese calendar. After this, we made our own monkey puppet as this year is the year of the monkey. 


Dont forget that this week we have open morning on Thursday and non uniform day on Friday. 


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