Feeling Festive at Clearwell Caves

Hello from 5b!

We have been extremely busy in class over the last couple of weeks. We have been continuing our topic based around the Anglo-Saxons and we have been writing biographies about Alfred the Great. In Literacy, we have continued with our text ‘Beowulf’. The story is getting really exciting now as Beowulf has defeated the gruesome Grendel but now his mother has returned to seek her revenge for the death of her son! We can’t wait to find out what happens next! In Numeracy, we have been learning how to divide by 10 and 100. We have then used this knowledge to calculate percentages of amounts and began thinking about sales in a shop and how we could calculate the new price if there was a discount. In class at the moment our reading for pleasure book is ‘James and the Giant Peach’ which we are all thoroughly enjoying.

Yesterday we went on a wonderful trip to Clearwell Caves. When we arrived we realised that we were in fact going to visit Father Christmas! He greeted each of us and then gave us each a gift which we could pick for ourselves! Once we had seen Father Christmas we walked through the caves and read the enchanted story of Evie’s Aeroplane. We were tired when we got back to school and some of us even had a nap on the way back!

Photos to follow!

Until next time,


P.S. Don’t forget to come along to the Christmas Fair tomorrow afternoon.