Fee Fi Fo Fum

Hello Penguin followers 

Guess who came to our classroom this week?

The giant!!! We came in one morning to find a beanstalk growing in our classroom. We were so excited  to have a closer look. We found a giant’s boot, a huge bag with a letter and a golden egg laid by a hen.

We read the letter and it was from Jack asking us for some help to plant his beans. 

We discussed what we might have to do. 

Harlee said “plant them”

Lacey said “we need to water them”

Lilly said “if you don’t water them they will shrivel up”

So we planted them following the instructions Jack left for us. 

We completed a bean diary each and will be watching carefully to see how our beans will change. 

The children have also completed some amazing story maps using impressive story language and even innovating their own stories. 

Keep posted for more proud moments!