Fantastic Arts Week!

Arts week started off on a high with a fantastic Ancient Greek WOW Day! We had a special visitor who taught us all about Greek wars,places, and how to play a Greek game – it was fun!

On Tuesday, we spent time creating Greek Pottery – that was really tricky! We also tasted some olives, hummus and pitta bread. We also spent time creating a mosaic and we had to draw Greek animals.

On Wednesday, many of us went to The Winter Gardens to take part in Destination Imagination. We had to complete team challenges and we had an awards ceremony at the end of the day to celebrate all our hard work!

Throughout the week we have been creating our Mythical Monster for the big art instillation. We created a Cerberus (a 3 headed dog) out of junk modelling materials. It was quite a challenge but we got there in the end!

It has been such a fantastic week and we will look forward to next year’s Art week!


DSCF1190                                 DSCF1196

DSCF1238                                   DSCF1245                                   DSCF1246                                    DSCF1249                                    DSCF1251