Fabulous 4A

After analysing the picture ‘Penelope and the suitors’, 4a decided to focus on the different hand gestures within the picture.

We thought that the man in the front of the picture was offering his hand in marriage to Penelope.

Hand signals can convey many different meanings and are an important part of communication.

We found out that in the Buddhism faith Buddha’s show different hand signals. These are called Mudras and each have different meanings. We then matched Buddha’s to the correct Mudras to find out what message they were telling.

During Art Week, 4A have looked at a range of medias to demonstrate hand art.

First, we turned a sheet of paper into a 3D hand. This was cleverly done using straight lines combined with curves to give an optical illusion.

Next, we tried our skills at creating our own symbolic hand photography. With paint.net, a computer software program, we then edited out photographs using special effects and adding text.

After this was probably our best art activity. Initially, we had to draw the design of our hand sculpture. We needed to use a lot of imagination to turn a bright yellow marigold glove into a work of art. Once designed, we then filled our gloves with sand and the fun began. We had paint, pens, tissue paper, glitter, wobbly eyes, ribbon, card, foil and much more to create our amazing sculptures.