Exploring Blankets

Hello from 6b!

As part of our topic, It’s A Small World, we have been reading the Princess’ Blankets.

This week we have been exploring the langauge used to describe the 4 blankets that are used to try and warm the Princess who is always cold.

We explored the ocean, forest, mountain and earth by using our senses-we had great fun and were able to collect a bank of excellent language to use in our writing.

photo 3 photo 7

Once we had collected our descriptive langauge we wrote poems that described one of the settings. Come and have a look at them-we have them outside of our classroom and are very proud of them.

In PE this week, Miss Hayes a PE teacher from Hans Price Academy, took the girls for a netball session-they all really enjoyed it and felt that it would help them in their next netball fixture.

We are learning about Greece and will begin to research this European country next week, if you know anything or have anything that is Greek please bring it in for 6d to have a look at.